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How NOT to Teach Your Child

Lisa Swaboda is Atlas Educational

Looking Toward The Future

Pedagogy, differentiation, collaboration, Frayer model, and guided reading are all buzzwords in education. Seasoned teachers know what they mean, but you probably do too without realizing it. There are a zillion different ways to teach your child and there are popular approaches, radical approaches, traditional approaches, and “new” approaches that aren’t really new at all. The only thing you really need to know is….

Do whatever works!

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

I can’t really give you a Must-Do list since I don’t know your child, his interests, her strengths, his weaknesses, her previous experiences, or his favorite approaches, I can recommend ways to NOT teach your child.

1. Do NOT demand your child follow the 1 approach that works for you.

This is my #1 gripe about classroom instruction. While many classrooms are turning towards more…

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What a fantastic post! Came across this in a PLT. I use WALT (we are learning to/ we are learning that), WILF (what I’m looking for) and TIB (this is because) in all learning areas. Success criteria and explicit teaching is so simple and logical… yet so powerful. This explains it beautifully!


A teacher’s take on the jargon of explicit teaching…

I know that parents have to decode a lot of jargon whilst their kids are at school. I’m often asked about some of the acronyms commonly seen and heard in my classroom. Perhaps they sound more like a quartet of elderly folks in a retirement home, however WALT, WILF, WALA and TIB are some the latest educational buzz words.

Explicit teaching focusses students toward the learning/understanding/skill, rather than the doing/task/activity. Below are some useful acronyms that are becoming more and more common in schools, for making learning explicit for children.

WALT = We Are Learning To…
Sometimes called a Learning Intention, a WALT  makes the learning, concept, understanding or skill clear to students. For example, “We are learning to use talking marks in our writing”. I find WALTs extremely useful in differentiating between the task or activity and the actual learning…

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It’s Happening. My Focusbook is almost ready to release their 12month free trial

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Attention teachers! @myfocusbookapp will soon be giving away 1 year free trials!  Check it out and stay tuned!

What are current users saying?


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GAFE in Action For you and your Students!

Are you a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school? Are you interested in GAFE? Are you currently in the process of adopting GAFE? Or do you have absolutely no idea about GAFE and really want to learn about it? If so, then this might be an oportunity for you and your students.

St Thomas More (the school I work at) is a Catholic Primary School located in the heart of Hadfield. At STM, we have been using GAFE for 5 years now and have changed the way we collaborate, assess and communicate with students, parents and colleagues. We would love to share our journey and experiences with you becuase sharing and learning is what teaching is all about.

Myself and some of my colleagues, are working together with Google, Source Central and the CEO Melbourne to put together a GAFE Summit. This event will be run by the students and teachers at STM, and hopefully some Google Certified Teachers. If we were to run an even like this, with the support from Google, do you think you’d be interested in attending? Please express your interest by completing the form below.Feel free to pass the link on to anyone else you think might be interested!

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